Komandor Software

60,00  / month

  • custom-made furniture design​
  • real time pricing of designed models​​
  • 65,000 raw products in the database​
  • simplified production design
  • possibility to insert your own price lists and currencies
60,00  / month


Electronic key for Komandor Software. Grants access to one computer to use the design program.

The key is only useful for users who cooperate with a factory that has implemented Komandor Software on production.

More information about Komandor Software can be found on the ABOUT US page.

When you purchase an electronic key, you will be charged a one-time activation fee equal to one month’s subscription price.

The electronic key is permanently assigned to one computer on which it was launched. It is not possible to transfer electronic keys between stations. If the user wants to use the program on another device, he or she should terminate the subscription to the given software key and purchase a new one for the new device.